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I-20 Visa Process - COMING SOON!!

Your flight training in the United States will require the issuance of an I-20 Visa from DCT Aviation.  We are an authorized agency that can provide visas to foreign students for flight training.  The process for obtaining the visa is as follows:



1. Send us following documents as e-mail attachment (jpg or .pdf) or in the regular mail.

 - Membership application form

 - A copy of your passport

 - A statement from your bank showing the financial background


2. Send us an international money order for US$ 1,875 which include

 - $300 of I-20 application fee

 - $1,500 of tuition

 - $75 of I-20 shipping fee


3. Upon receipt of your application and enrollment fee, we will prepare an I-20 visa application that will be sent to you in the mail.


4. Depending upon the country from which you are applying you may be required to take the I-20 form to Cooks Bank in your country.  Cooks can be found at most airports and in most large cities. The I-20 visa application will specify how much money must be converted to US currency. The I-20 visa requires that you exchange enough money to complete your training and demonstrate financial responsibility while in the United States.  How much money you'll need to exchange depends upon how long you will stay with us.  Typically it will be between US$ 4,000.00 and US$ 21,000.00 depending on how many ratings etc. you will train for here.


5. When you have exchanged the currency or proved financial ability, the bank will stamp and certify the application.  You will then take it to the US Embassy or Consulate in your country and have the visa issued.  This visa will allow you to stay in the United States for the duration of your flight training or until it expires whichever comes first.


Below are some useful Guide


If you're a foreign national currently residing in the US, and you decide to train in the US, it’s highly recommended that you choose a School which has been approved by the Department of Justice to issue you with the correct visa i.e. M-1 or J-1 visa. If your intentions are to spend three months or less in the US, you may come across Schools which suggest that you need not apply for a visa but instead visit on a "Visa waiver". It is recommended to avoid this method.  If you enter the US with a training purpose in mind, you may be refused entry into the United States. If a School advises you that this is not the case, have them document and put it in writing. This way you will have something to show Customs and Immigration should they seem unwilling to let you into the US, based upon a "Visa waiver".


Important notes on the I-20 Visa:


 - Employment in the United States during your stay will not be allowed.

 - Upon completion of your flight training you must return to your home country in a timely manner.

 - The I-94 visa has an expiration date and must be reapplied for if the time will go over.


It is a requirement for ALL international student traveling to the US to receive Flight Instruction to obtain a visa issued by the US Embassy of your home country. Please follow the link below for an independent analyses on obtaining visa.

Click here additional information on visas for international students

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