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Brendon VanThomme
Rochester Hills, MI


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The Full Motion DCX-MAX Flight Simulator is a perfect tool for pilots and pilots in training to use to efficiently practice instrument approaches, along with improving pilot flight and communication skills.  It includes 43 detailed aircraft simulations and has communication capability. The primary objective for the DCX-MAX Full Motion Sim is to provide a cost-efficient and effective educational tool in order to educate new students and to maintain flight currency for certified pilots.


Why Chose the DCX MAX Full Motion Flight Simulator?

The DCX MAX Full Motion Simulator was engineered to provide the pilot in training the best possible preparation.  The DCX-MAX meet FITS (FAA/Industry Training Standards) requirements in order to improve pilot’s educational awareness and the satisfaction of personal accomplishment, while increasing safety of flight. It not only provides safety for the student, but also provides safety for the instructor.


What is the Benefit for a Flight School to have this Equipment?

The benefits are endless! You can use this simulator to sharpen your skills for half the price of flying an aircraft. You are able to practice emergency scenarios that you cannot simulate in the Aircraft, and you can log time towards your ratings on this Simulator!

Under FAR part 61:

2.5 hours towards a private pilot certificate

50 hours towards a commercial pilot certificate

20 hours towards an instrument rating

25 hours towards an ATP


Under FAR part 141:

7 hours(35%) of 35 hours of flight training towards a private pilot certificate

17 hours(50%) of 35 hours of flight training towards an instrument rating

36 hours(30%) of 120 hours of flight training towards a commercial pilot certificate

10.5 hours(30%) of 25 hours of flight training towards a multi-engine rating

12.5 hours(50%) of 25 hours of flight training towards an ATP certificate

2.5 hours(10%) of 25 hours of flight training towards a flight instructor certificate

1.5 hours(10%) of 15 hours of flight training towards an instrument flight instructor rating.



Portions of Instrument practical test ( limited to maneuvers approved in the Instrument rating ACS).

All simulator time to meet 6 month instrument currency ( reference far part 61 ).

All simulator time to meet the requirements of the Instrument Proficiency Check, except takeoff and landing and the circle to land maneuver.

The flight portion of the Flight Review ( far 61.56 ), except takeoff and landing.


More Information

DCT 's new DCX-MAX Full Motion Simulator is made by Precision Flight Controls and is an AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device). It has 225 Degree visual screen and has electric servo motors that allows simulation actual flight in Full Motion. This device Can be used for anything from practicing basic maneuvers to logging time towards various FAA Licenses and Ratings.

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