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Chris VanMeter,
Commerce Twp., MI

Private Pilot

14 CFR 61.109 requires minimum 40 hours of flight time for a Private Pilot Certificate. This required time includes:


20 hours of flight instruction, including:
      3 hours of cross country

      3 hours of night instruction 

      3 hours of flight by reference to instruments


10 hours solo flight time, including: 

      5 hours solo cross country

For the complete requirements see 14 CFR, § 61, Subpart E—Private Pilots


Note: The above hours are the absolute minimum amount of training in each area as required for a Private Pilot Certificate by the FAA. It is not unusual for a student pilot to require more hours to become a safe and proficient pilot.

The minimum total estimated cost of training in a Archer II is as follows:

* Cost does not include training supplies.

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