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Stan Politowicz
Rochester, MI

* Subject to a $5.00 per gal limit on fuel                                                                                            

** Multi-engine rate is $90.00/hr

*** Min 2 hours of initial checkout is required for new renters

**** Minimum of 5 hrs purchase is required
***** Minimum of 5 hours in make and model and minimum 125 hours of total flying time is required.          


DCT Fleet Overnight Aircraft Minimum Flying Hours (3553M, N6871J)


Figures are based on minimum hours per overnight trips by one-way trip distance


If an Aircraft taken overnight at 5pm & return before 10am the next day, overnight charge is not applicable. Overnight Charge is administered if Aircraft if taken for longer than a 24 hour period from the time of Departure


If an Aircraft taken for MORE than 6 nights, 3 hr minimum overnight charge is applied after the 6th night


The Warriors N113EJ, N7930F, N2885B, Archers N1689H, N6288J, N5337F, N8570F, and Seneca N2930Y are primary trainers, and rent of these aircraft are not allowed

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