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Jon Gerhart,
Bloomfield, MI


Basic Instrument Refresher

For the non-instrument rated pilot or introduction to instrument flight:

Ground Instruction (2 hours) - Review of attitude instrument flight, reading and interpreting the basic flight instruments, radio communications, tuning, identifying, orientation and tracking ground base and satellite navigation signals.


Simulator Instruction (2 hours) – Basic instrument maneuvers(reference private pilot PTS), straight and level flight, constant airspeed climbs and descents, turns to headings, recovery from unusual attitudes, radio communication, tuning and identifying, orientation, and tracking ground and satellite based navigation signals.


For the instrument rated pilot:

Ground Instruction (3 hours) – Basic instrument maneuvers and procedures (reference instrument rating PTS), use of checklists and aircraft POH and performance charts, review instrument approach and departure procedures and en-route charts, review weather basics  and appropriate FAR’s pertaining to IFR flight.


Simulator Instruction (3 hours) – Use of checklists, aircraft performance, ATC communications, and clearances, approaches and departures in all phases of IFR flight from takeoff to touchdown in a variety of weather conditions, terrain, airports and approaches.                     

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