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Chris VanMeter,
Commerce Twp., MI

A&P Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

The DCT Aiecraft A&P Mechanic Apprenticeship Program is specifically designed for applicants who meet  (FAR) 65.71-65.77:


  • The FAA Mandates that all applicants for Airman and or Mechanic Certifications have the ability to read, write and speak the English language.

  • (OJT) On-The-Job Experience: You must log 18 months of supervised work to qualify to take the Airframe or Powerplant licensing tests, or 30 months to take the combined A&P test. The work time must be documented and signed off by the supervising mechanic or a notarized statement from your employer.

  • DCT Aircraft is located at the Waterford International Airport (KPTK), a busy towered airport. This provides students with a full immersion into the aviation maintenance world.

  • Courses are taught by A&P/IA who actively assist in maintaining DCT Aircraft fleet of 15 aircraft.

Aviation Maintenance Certification

DCT Aircraft Apprenticeship Program is designed to thoroughly prepare all of our students with a profound knowledge of aircraft. During this program, you will work with live, flight school aircraft. Get real-world experience working on a 145 Repair Station. Work closely with amazing instructors and learn about the fascinating details of all things aircraft.

DCT Aircraft Apprenticeship Program Advantages

DCT Aircraft

    • 18 Month to Complete

    • Start Your Paid Career!

    • Industry Leading Partnerships

    • Clean Facility

Competitors Programs

    • 21-24 Months to Complete

    • Over $50,000 in Costs

    • Limited Partnerships

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