Thinking about earning your Multi-Engine Rating, your Multi-Engine Instrument/Commercial Rating, or your Multi-Engine Instructor Rating?

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Congratulations Dave Semak on Achieving his Instrument Rating on August 23, 2014!!!

>Congratulations Kyle Johnston on Achieving his Private Pilot License on August 22, 2014!!!

Congratulations Isaac Kapadia on Achieving his Solo Endorsement on August 20, 2014!!

Congratulations Hunter McDonald on Achieving his Private Pilot License on August 15th, 2014 just after his 17th Birthday!!!

Congratulations Nathan Gaggin on Achieving his Private Pilot License on August 8th, 2014!!! 3 Great Achievements in 1 day at DCT Aviation, Hard work pays off!!

Congratulations Jen Kadlec on Achieving her Private Pilot License on August 8th, 2014!!!

Congratulations Carmen Flowers on achieving her Solo Endorsement on August 8th, 2014!!

Congratulations John Latimer on Achieving his Private Pilot License on August 2, 2014!!!

Blue sky !!!!

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Welcome to DCT Aviation

At DCT Aviation we are committed to providing the aviation community with the best education and Flight Training of its kind. In order for our students to receive the best flight education, we offer training that focuses on safety and comprehensive flight training. Our carefully selected and highly trained instructors provide you with years of superior educational experience. 

The programs we provide incorporate real hands-on flight lessons along with our revolutionary Integrated Flight Simulation System (IFSS) to enhance your educational experience.
Our programs are success driven, cost efficient and convenient, and our facilities offer all the amenities needed for conducive learning, and effective business and personal growth

Located directly on the northeast corner of the Pontiac International Airport (PTK), DCT Aviation offers an ideal location for beginning your aviation endeavors! Uniquely, DCT Aviation is able to provide you with the experience of working with courteous and professional air traffic controllers in a busy radar controlled environment. The experience and confidence gained here will prepare you for future flying into any busy airspace in the U.S. For those that want to practice flight maneuvers, there are also many open areas around the Pontiac International Airport (PTK).

How to Get Started

cirrus.jpgContact DCT Aviation and set up your first lesson. The sooner you take your first lesson, the sooner you will be a certified pilot. An introductory flight, for $150, is a great way to start. If you begin training with us then we will refund you $50. A DCT Aviation instructor will discuss the proper steps to becoming certified, introduce you to our training program, introduce you to the airplane, and take you on your first lesson where you will "take the controls" for part of the flight.




PTK Weather

Last Update: 9:23pm Sep 20, 2014
Rain Showers Likely, Probability Of Precipitation: 80% Tomorrow: Rain Showers Likely
67°F | 62°F
PoP 80%
Partly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 40% Monday: Partly Sunny
59°F | 46°F
PoP 40%

Flight Schedule

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Improve your flying skills


DCT Aviation now offers an FAA-approved Flight Simulator for instructional training or individual flight proficiency.